KeyBiner Kickstarter project

This is a pretty neat idea for keeping track of all your keys, and keeping them out of your pocket. In the past I’ve used a carabiner, but keys are noisy and swing back and forth when walking, which is slightly annoying. According to their description, noise shouldn’t be an issue:

The biggest change was the addition of a unique key retention system, that allows you to keep your keys neatly organized and quiet.


They also have this to say:

We have also added several tools to aid you in your daily chores.

Now I’m not sure if they’re referring to the bottle opener or prybar, but I suppose if you’re an alcoholic cat burglar, this would be an indispensable tool. Oh, and no noisy getaway car keys clanging around while you’re cleaning a joint out. 🙂

Six days to go on the Kickstarter page, going to go ahead and back this project. Looks promising.

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  1. My husband would love this. I happen to enjoy the jingle jangle of large disorganized set of keys complete with multiple key rings. But he likes them tidy and organized.

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