Evaluating personal VPN solutions

I’ve been doing a lot of reading online, trying to find which personal VPN service would be best for me to use. The concept of using a non-work VPN is a little foreign to me, but now that I’m finding myself connecting more and more to the internet away from home and through public wifi access points (or wireless at work) I though it might be high time to invest in a little security.

Right now I’m evaluating (and by evaluating I mean I paid for a month of access) VPN services by the folks over at HideMyAss. Now, for the record, I hate the name and think they should call their professional VPN services by another name, but I guess what really matters is how the service functions.

So, for about $12/month (less if you pay for a longer subscription) you get to choose from 28 different VPN endpoints in nine different countries. Pretty handy I suppose if you’re in the UK and wanted to watch video that is restricted by region to the US. Not what I need it for, but the functionality exists.

I’m a Mac user and installation was really easy, even though I’m running an older operating system (10.4.11). They  have a client you can use that autoconfigures, or you can use PPTP VPN tunneling built into the OS and be up and running in minutes.

So far, so good. Speeds are really good. I can’t really see any notable difference in my connection speed while connected or disconnected. I’ll continue to play with it for a while, but will still be looking around for more options.

So, what say you, got some experiences or reviews you’d like to share? Jump in and leave a comment..

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